Welcome to Ukulele Licence!

Here you’ll find everything you need to learn, enjoy & progress with this great instrument.

  • Find a local teacher
  • Order your licence
  • Watch the videos
  • Play in your local Orchestra

Its simple.

Ukulele Licence is an 8 module course to help you learn Ukulele.

Developed by Rockjam and funded by Music Generation DLR, the course is designed to be easily accessible, inter-generational and community based.

There are no exams, just complete the modules and your teacher will present you with a sticker. Attach it to the back of your licence and watch as your skill and enjoyment grows.

Our content is free to use and download. There are no books to buy, just a card which fits in your wallet. You can keep practicing with our Youtube tutorials and ‘Practice With’ sessions on instagram.

Its easy to progress, and everything you learn will allow you to share with friends and family. You can even join your local Ukulele group/ Orchestra and take it to the next level!

Your Local Ukulele Teacher

Contact Rockjamschool@gmail.com or 01 6991396 for enquiries

Baz Rycraft   Alexandra College, Milltown

Jay Wilson   Alexandra College, Milltown

Jennifer McMahon   Alexandra College, Milltown

Aidan Murphy    Rockjam South Dublin

Filipa Quintino  Rockjam  South Dublin

Brian Anthony Byrne   Rockjam  South Dublin/ Wicklow

Sebastian Jezzi  Rockjam  South Dublin

Faolan Collins   Rockjam   North Dublin

Joe Carroll   Rockjam    South Dublin