Summer Camps 2021


My first Summer camp Fair was actually really exciting. I was caught up in the buzz of a room full of Entrepreneurs, setting up stalls and merchandise. The banners and brochures, the freshly pressed t-shirts – logos emblazoned. Eager teamsters standing with sign-up sheets in one hand, lollipops in the other. Behind them, monitors demonstrating the fun and educational experience that each camp offered. The crowds of parents following the circuit as it snakes through the function room. Ten years of retail sales served me well. I remembered this environment and felt confident amongst the sales fever. It’s the glamourous, fresh painted, veneered, cold face of the Summer Camp business that greets parents every year.


This memory popped into my head recently, like a pesky banner ad as I desperately held on to the broken leg of a marquee as it threatened to take off in the gusty wind. I felt a rain drop roll into my eye and wondered if next year I would be standing in the Fair again or holding onto broken marquees as they took off, pulling me up like Mary Poppins.


In many ways this has been the best year ever for Rockjam Summer Camps. We have managed to grow four times bigger than last year, set up a multi camp system in three locations, promote three of our staff to Management positions, provide work more than 20 musicians and improve on the camp content. The governments hasty decision to ban indoor camps forced us to create an outdoor festival which coincided with the best weather of the year! It also provided a brand new experience for us, which we will take forward into next years camps.


Like many businesses we have been twisting in the wind during Covid. Holding onto that Marquee as it threatens to take off. Smiling and waving away help offered by wide eyed passers-by. We brush off the dirt and whistle ‘the show must go on’. We make this day a better one ‘because of the obstacles’. In some ways we are stronger for the experience, in others, only time will tell…