How does this go again? …Shuffling feet. Cracked smile. Weight shifting. Wide eyed panic that flickers in micro seconds and then dissipates as our elbows brush… the forgotten art of greeting.


Just like that awkward elbow bump that comes after aborted hugs and second guessing, have we also forgotten how to celebrate? There has been 18 months of missed gatherings – birthdays, weddings and staff parties.


Our recent switch to outdoor camps sparked a conversation between myself and Sebastian. How far could we bring this festival theme? Boutique Stages, circus acts, vegan falafel…food trucks? It’s cool to let your imagination wander. I love when planning turns to ‘imagine if’. As ludicrous as suggestions can become, there is always some idea that once spoken, is born into reality. Myself and Seb turned this Magical thinking into the idea of a staff barbecue, which was abandoned as merely a cool idea for about 5 hours until I couldn’t find any reason why we shouldn’t actually do it!


Actually, when you decide to do something like this you find many reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Are gatherings ok? Where can we do it? Also the fact that I just gave away my barbecue after 15 years of it sitting unused in the garden. However, none of these things turned out to be insurmountable. We have our location, the beautiful Tyrrelstown house. The rules on outdoor gatherings have, rather awkwardly for Leo Varadkar, shifted. I borrowed a barbecue and it turns out that Sebastian, our resident Argentinian pit boss is very excited about sharing some food culture.


Next weekend we will bumble into Dublin 15 and flex our celebration muscles. Will we remember how to do this? I think we will manage!