By Finn Brooks

Queen are a British rock band that formed in 1970s. they are quite well known with two of their songs. (we will rock you, and bohemian rhapsody) being widely considered to be some of the best songs of all time. Their setup is Freddie mercury on vocals and piano. Brian may on vocals and guitar. Roger Taylor on drums and vocals. And John Deacon on Bass.

Their style is general rock n’ roll however, in their later years they moved to more radio pop rock that was lighter if only by a bit.

Some of their more famous albums include “A night at the opera” (Bohemian rhapsody, good company, etc.) and its sequel “a day at the races” (Somebody to love, you take my breath away, etc.) you may also know other classic tunes such as: “radio gaga”, “under pressure”, and “we will rock you”.

Unfortunately, the band really lost its stride in 1991 when Freddie mercury’s life was tragically taken from him by aids. After this, even though they tried to get back into the flow of what they once were, they couldn’t keep up the same standard that they used to. This was further shortened by the loss of the bass player John deacon. Today only 2 of them are alive. (much like the Beatles, another legendary rock band which lost their stride without the lead singer.) Though they are still making music to this day with the help of Adam lambert.

Personally, my favorite songs by them are of course bohemian rhapsody and radio gaga, as well as another one bites the dust, I do also like somebody to love, and I want to break free, though not to the same extent.

Overall I give them a 9/10