by Finn Brooks

Milky Chance is a German music group originating from Kassel. The band consists of four different members. lead vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein, song producer and miscellaneous percussion player Philipp Dausch, secondary guitarist Antonio Greger and drummer Sebastian Schmidt.

Most people will know them for their most popular song “stolen dance” (which I will agree is one of their best songs.) though some people may know them for the album ‘Sadnecessary’ which was released in October 2013.

Their style of music is a kind of fusion of folk/reggae music and jazz. They have quite a basic setup with 2 guitars vocals and drums with other general percussion instruments (tambourine, triangle, etc.) They sadly have no bass guitar though. (editor – Finn plays Bass!) And though their drummer tours with them everywhere, they don’t fully count him as a member of the band.

They are currently working on a tour for their recent album “blossom” of which they have performed more than 30 different countries (including Ireland and the UK.) and they are still touring to this day.

Personally my favourite 3 songs from them are: “Stolen dance”, “Flashed junk mind”, and “Bad things” Most people have probably heard “Stolen dance” and just not recognised it as the song reached number one on the charts of multiple countries, though I am unsure if Ireland is one of them.

Overall, I give them a 9/10.