Our shows keep getting bigger! This time around (our 16th set of shows) we had 34 bands play over three days in 3 venues! It always takes a big effort from our team led by Event Manager Freya and our 12 Coaches, Devi and Ed on Camera, Bishop on Sound as well as our many helpers and supporters. The show is my favourite day. Watching Rockjam make sense. Performing in a relaxed, cool environment surrounded by people who really want you to succeed.

We were delighted with the huge transformation The Purty Kitchen has made! Wow. Bigger stage, cool seating area and decor. It really was a pleasure to play in there.


As all the videos go up on our youtube channel its worth noting that these bands are back in the jam room, planning the next show, figuring out how to make their performances better. Choosing new songs, writing and feeling more confident in their abilities. Performance should feel like a reward, not be a terrifying experience. I hope many of our young musicians are beginning to feel that. Rockjam Live is where you can feel comfortable, and enjoy the buzz from playing a gig. Where you can watch and hang out with other musicians. Where your friends and family can see you happy, being yourself and doing the thing that you love.