New Studio


Are we still talking about Zoom? A few months ago it felt like the new normal. Office life would never be the same again. We needed to re-think how we do business… work from home, empty the city.


As usual, at Rockjam we have to reassemble ‘the norm’ to fit our reality. The truth is that we have been a remote business from the beginning. We have never had an office. Every time I thought about getting one it got dismissed as I knew none of us would ever spend any time there, so what’s the point? Our Remote readiness meant that In March 2020 we were straight out of the blocks with virtual options for education services. Within one week we had our live streaming set up and began training our staff on video editing. Our lessons were being beamed into classrooms across Dublin without skipping a beat.


In what feels like ten years crammed into 16 months, our business changed very dramatically into a Virtual Educational service provider. I have been amazed at the ingenuity of the Rockjam Crew and their ability to change. We are talking about people who had spent long careers as in-person performers and educators. Very quickly they surrounded themselves with the equipment and technology needed to record and broadcast from makeshift studios. As super as this was, It struck me that we needed to share our resources and ideas more.


Rockjam has always been a visual business. It’s time we embraced that fully. We needed a studio where we could continue this journey, collaborate and share. In late July I rented a small office space in Stillorgan and began turning it into a studio where we could film our tutorial videos and broadcast virtual lessons and workshops. It’s a modest beginning to what I hope will be our new normal – A blend of virtual and in-person work. The best of both worlds and an improvement on the pre-covid world.