Ok, so now that i’ve figured out the basics of WordPress, I’m finally posting all the camp media starting with our first camp back on June 17th. As always, I like to add as many new things to the camp to make it better than the previous year. Lots of new equipment of course, with a now, huge selection of electric guitars, keyboards and drums, new PAs, mics and percussion instruments!

In the last year we have welcomed new Coaches to our ranks, and with them comes new knowledge, skills and.. Rocktalks. Electronic Music has been a major part of Rock and Pop for well over 30 years now, but it rarely gets mentioned in RockSchools, or contemporary music education. Jacob Dunlop, our Coach from Newpark Music Centre has changed all this with his fascinating Electronic Music Rocktalk, giving our students a chance to see how accessible Electronic Music is and how useful a tool it is in both production and songwriting.

This year we also made the ‘Camp Assistant’ a fixed feature, with a host of regular Rockjamers taking the position over the summer. It’s really benefited our sense of community, helping to give teenagers an experience of the life of a working musician as well as giving them an opportunity to make a lasting mark on what Rockjam is. As part of their work they are encouraged to research a great band and present the work to be used in future Rocktalks. Essentially, they are being paid to watch videos of cool bands! Not bad.

In this camp we had four groups. 7-9 years, 10 – 12 years, 12-14 years and 14 – 16 years

Our Four Coaches were Joe Carroll, Jennifer McMahon, Faolan Collins and Jacob Dunlop.

Camp Assistant: Will Veldhoen