With Halloween over it’s time to dig out the christmas songs and prepare for Decembers Concerts! By that stage we will be half way through the academic year. Its a great time to push for some progress and theres no better motivator than the festive season.

Our Junior Orchestra in Alexandra College have recently taken some of my ukulele students in for the first time. They are tasked with learning Auld Lang Syne, and with ukulele being slightly unknown territory, I’ve been given the music and asked to find complimentary lines for our young uke players. My students are 5/6 years old and are just starting to read tab so I’ve come up with a few options.

I often use my loop pedal to test out layered parts and am keen to introduce the Bass Ukulele so here I have recorded 4 parts; Bass, a one note part, a slightly harder part and the melody.

Enjoy and…merry christmas…

See PDF below.