Last year we sent our intrepid reporter Finn Brooks to Newpark Music Centre to interview some bands.


Heres his interview with Alibi Island who would go on to score a no.14 hit in the Irish iTunes Charts


Alibi islands interview.

Q: What are the band members names and what do you play?

A: Johno on drums, Anna on guitar and vocals, Evan on guitar, Harper on guitar, Andreas on Bass guitar, and Sophia on piano.

Q: What songs are you working on?

A: We’re working on some originals, one called “Remedy” and one that we haven’t come up with a name for yet.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: We plan to expand and do some covers as well as making some more originals along the way.

Q: I’ve heard that you’re recording a new single next week.

A: Yes, we’ll be in Orphan Recording Studios on Saturday with Gavin Glass producing. The single will be out in March.

Q: And who is the joker of the band?

A: Johno…. (but no one laughs).